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Lincolnshire's famous biscuiteers

Time honoured, hand crafted

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Lincolnshire's famous biscuiteers

"Unbelievably tasty! Perfect little treats for yourself or as a gift for love ones"

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Gingerbread since 1740

"Soft gooey and melt in the mouth...."

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Lincolnshire's famous biscuiteers

Gingerbread since 1740

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Lincolnshire's famous biscuiteers

"A tantalizingly mouthwatering sensory extraviganza !"

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Welcome to Hawkens Gingerbread

Hawkens Gingerbread is an artisan producer of high-quality gingerbread products, including both our Hawkens Gingerbread and England’s oldest commercially traded biscuit: Grantham Gingerbread.  

Husband and wife team Alastair and Kerry Hawken, saved Grantham Gingerbread from becoming confined to the history books when they learned that the production of the biscuit for which their town had always been famous for, had fallen out of production.  

You can now purchase Grantham Gingerbread as it was from the original recipe, along with a number of handmade soft Gingerbread men for treats and gifts all throughout the year!

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