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Hawkens Gingerbread Gazette

We know that there are worldwide gingerbread lovers amongst us and for this reason we have created a beautiful bitesize magazine, covering all things gingerbread. Learn more about the history of gingerbread; get to know our business and values; get stuck in with baking your own and more!

ISSUE 16 | Spring/Summer 2024 Edition

Step into the warmer weather with the Spring/Summer edition of The Gingerbread Gazette, where every things a bit brighter! In this Gazette you'll be introduced to our new passion, THE GINGER PROJECT, and, we will also provide you with the recipes and activities to make this summer unforgettable! Whether you're lounging by the pool, planning a weekend adventure, or simply soaking up the sun, check out this gazette and embrace the essence of summer!

Happy reading! And make sure to share your summer bakes and tag us on your socials :)


ISSUE 15 | Christmas 2022 Edition

Welcome to our festive edition of The Gingerbread Gazette, where all things are tantalising and of course, oozing with gingerbread goodness. In this issue, we discuss what we love the most about the season; provide you with recipes that will leave your mouths watering; a stockist shoutout AND, we introduce our brand new carton ranges, just in time for Christmas! Enjoy, happy reading and Merry Christmas from the team at Hawkens Gingerbread! 


ISSUE 14│Spring 2022 Edition 

Spring-time; oh how we love this season! The sun is out, lighter evenings, great moods and all the good vibes - what more could we ask for? In this edition of the Gingerbread Gazette, we discuss what the season of Spring means to us. We als provide you ladies and gents a delicious Gingernut Cheesecake recipe; easy and absolutely divine. Also, some fun with the kids for a chance to win a Hawkens Gingerbread Bundle! Happy reading, folks...


ISSUE 13 │Festive Edition

Oh it's the most wonderful time of the year and we are here for every single moment of it! At Hawkens Gingerbread, we are ready for the festivities; supplying our stockists; serving our online customers; making those magical melt-in-the-mouth moments happen. In this festive edition of the Gingerbread Gazette, we talk about the importance of Christmas for all of us this year - the ability to truly spend it with our loved ones. Recipes, activities and a letter to Mr Claus himself inside to really get you in the spirit. Who's counting down the days? We most certainly are! Happy reading, folks!



Well, that came around quick! The Gingerbread Gazette is back again for some home comforts and autumnal fun! In this issue we discuss what we love about the season; and of course, chilling with our gorgeous handmade gingerbread biscuits is up there wit hone of our favourite things to do! We've included some delicious ginger enriched recipes too, for those of you who love to get your hands dirty. We discovered that one of our team members loves to wind down with our gingerbread biscuits with a Chai Tea; so we have also included an easy peasy recipe for you guys to try out yourselves. Oh, and we may have dropped the C bomb in this issue; that's right, it's Autumn and of course, we are starting to get excited for CHRISTMAS at the Hawkens Gingerbread HQ! Happy reading, folks - until next time!



Well hello there sunshine! We are delighted to be back once again with our popular Gingerbread Gazette, bringing you the best of gingerbread, because who doesn't love a slice of gingerbread, eh? This summer is set to be a BIG one, as is this issue. We talk about the pure joys that this summer will bring for people and businesses across the UK; we provide you with some yummy gingerbread recipes; we introduce our brand new bakers dozen collection AND, there's a discount code inside for you to enjoy! Happy reading, folks and have the best summer, you really do deserve it!


ISSUE 10 | MAY 2021

Welcome gingerbread lovers near, far and wide! In Issue 10 we discuss how we are preparing for the summer months ahead and how businesses that have been longing to open their doors to you are getting ready for on the biggest summers yet. For you foodies out there who like to dabble in some baking, we have also included a recipe for a batch of incredibly delicious Gingerbread Scones - YUM! Something new and exciting has also made an appearance... and that's our supplier showcase, where we sit down and talk to one of our stockists about their business and of course, their favourite Hawkens Gingerbread biscuit. Happy reading folks!



Welcome to the world of Hawkens Gingerbread! In this issue we discuss the importance of lockdown restrictions easing and what this means to our suppliers and stockists. Good luck to all of the businesses out there who have opened up for the first time in months! For those of you who have a sweet tooth and love to get those hands dirty, try out the New Zealand Ginger Slice recipe inside. We understand that the last few months have been somewhat challenging, so we discuss how baking is good for you and how this thing we love the most is actually very therapeutic! Happy reading, folks until next time. 



Mother's Day is around the corner and we simply cannot wait to celebrate with our mums, grandmothers and mother figures! In this issue we discuss why we love our mothers and grandmothers whilst reflecting on our most fondest memories with them. For those of you who like to get your hands dirty, there is a gorgeous gingerbread cookie recipe that awaits inside. Last minute Mother's Day gifting? Worry not, we give you a rundown of our stunning collection of biscuits. PLUS, there's a 20% discount code inside! Happy reading, folks, until next time! 



We're back! What a way to start the new year, eh? Lockdown 3.0 restrictions have left us all longing to see our close ones, but once again we must adhere to Covid-19 guidelines, in the hope that all of this will disappear. In this issue we are spreading copious amounts of positivity as we take a look back on our best bits of 2020; we also let our gingerbread fans know about what's in store within the next 12 months! For those of you who love to get your hands dirty, try out the Ginger Sponge Cake recipe inside and let us know your thoughts! Happy reading, folks!



It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Sink in to our Christmas special of the Gingerbread Gazette where we talk about all things Christmas! From Christmas gingerbread gifts to memories of the Christmas past, we cannot wait for you to read this one! PS, there's an easy peasy gingerbread Christmas tree recipe inside; perfect for the kids during the festive holidays. Happy reading all and Merry Christmas from the Hawkens Gingerbread team! 



We are delighted to have launched our brand new Hawkens Gingernuts and to celebrate the exciting launch, this special edition of the Gingerbread Gazette allows you to discover the gorgeous history of scrumptious gingernuts. We also share an easy peasy Danish gingernut recipe; perfect to dunk in a hot cup of tea. Flick through the pages of beautiful content and get to know why we chose to bring our gingerbread lovers, hand made and artisan gingernuts. Happy reading, folks!



Welcome to The Gingerbread Gazette, Issue 4! In this issue, we talk about the beauty of Autumn and its awesomeness; from the great outdoors to tucking into our delicious artisan gingerbread. Our great friends and stockists, Lincolnshire Co-Operative share their stunning and scrumptious Elderflower and Strawberry Cheesecake recipe with us. We've also been incredibly busy at the Hawkens Gingerbread Bakery and share some exciting news with you! Happy reading all.



British picnics have made a comeback once again this summer, so we discuss the enchanting evolution of our favourite past time. We are also excited to share food blogger, Dolly's Lemon Gingerbread Cheesecake recipe; truly irresistible and finger licking greatness! For chocolate lovers, we talk about why we love the delectable melt-in-the-mouth beauty! Remember, you too can be part of The Gingerbread Gazette by simply sending us your recipes, top tips and stories via: 


ISSUE 2 | JULY 2020

Discover over 5,000 years of gingerbread history and heritage whilst getting to know more about our signature best seller, the Original Grantham Gingerbread. Gazette reader Kay, shares her family favourite ginger cake recipe, handed down from many generations. We also share some of the surprising health benefits of ginger, our core ingredient! 


ISSUE 1 | JUNE 2020

Meet the founder, Alastair and get to know more about the Hawkens Gingerbread brand and story. Get your hands dirty with the kids with our easy peasy gingerbread recipe and discover what we've been up to during the COVID-19 lockdown.