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Gingerbread Tribe


With over 1000 signing up and wanting more, they have joined the Gingerbread Tribe! A group of people part of the artisan food movement, who believe in quality products, heritage and culture.
The recipe books and shops only get behind our favourite treat during the Christmas period, which is why we created a place to get Gingerbread all year round. We think gingerbread makes the perfect gift, no matter what the occasion.
That’s why our gingerbread is made with quality and an unwavering passion that has been handed down for generations. 
For anyone that wants to be kept up to date on new flavours, gifts and community news surrounding gingerbread, join here or keep reading to find out more!

Why a Gingerbread Tribe?

As the original saviours of the Grantham Gingerbread recipe, we want to give gingerbread the recognition it deserves! We bring a new taste to Gingerbread, with new recipes, biscuits and daring flavour combinations.
Join our tribe and get first dibs on the latest new treats and gifts, discounts in the shop and other exclusive offers.
For all of us at Hawkens, there is nothing better than guaranteed fresh, locally made and daring gingerbread. A perfect gift, ideal for elevenses and sure to awaken your taste buds. Join the movement, join the tribe!

What are some of the perks?

Through membership of the Gingerbread Tribe you'll receive:

  • Updates on new limited edition recipes
  • Have your say on the latest flavours and of course benefit from exclusive member discounts when they are released.