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A Sprinkle Of Magic Gingerbread Gifting Bundle

A Sprinkle Of Magic Gingerbread Gifting Bundle


Maybe a gingerbread bundle for the lovers of our gingerbread who just want it all ways. And what's wrong with that?

This bundle of magic contains 6 of our amazing cartons of Hawkens Gingerbread and 4  twin packs of our Gingerbread men. Now that's a bundle worth sharing. In this uber tasty bundle we will pack for you 2 cartons of Hawkens Grantham Gingerbread, 2 cartons of Hawkens Gingernuts, 2 cartons of Hawkens Magic Stars, 2 x twin packs of Original Recipe Gingerbread Men, 1 x twin pack of our Italian Lemon Gingerbread Men and 1 x twin pack of our scrumptious Chocolate Orange Gingerbread Men. Wowzers!

Handmade gingerbread...what more could you ask for?

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* Simply reply to your order  confirmation email after checking out and let us know the message that you would like to include with your gift. Our team will then print it out, enclose it with your purchase and then send it on its way.

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