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Now posting to Canada and USA

The continued development of continues as postal options for the whole of the USA and Canada have now been made available to customers wanting to buy Grantham Gingerbread products. The Gingerbread team is happy to post it's products to all destinations. Simply contact us if you wish to send or buy from countries other than North America and the UK and we calculate the postage for you. Keep munching! 

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Picnic with the Queen

On Wednesday 13th June Grantham Gingerbread had the great honour of attending the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Picnic Celebration at Burghley House in Stamford.  10,000 personally invited guests joined Her Majesty for a picnic in the beautiful grounds of Burghley. Grantham Gingerbread were invited to attend the event to have a stand at the event. Whilst we did not personally meet the Queen, we did have a fantastic opportunity to introduce Grantham's famous little biscuit to many new people.

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The real life Gingerbread Man?

The man behind the Gingerbread ! Alastair Hawken is by rights a Grantham Gingerbread. Aged 38, the business man was born and raised in the town     Grantham and the fine people of the town are without any doubt very proud of their heritage,   none less than for the Grantham Gingerbread biscuit. Grantham Gingerbread is without a shadow of a doubt a local speciality. First created within the       town in 1740, the popular biscuit was not widely available for some 30 years due to very poor commercial forethought.  For a time, the product was only manufactured in Nottinghamshire and to a very poor quality standard.  Alastair recognise that the scope for Grantham Gingerbread is broad. It is commonly accepted that...

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How the Grantham Gingerbread Man came to life !

 Boxing clever  Well, here it is, the Grantham Gingerbread packaging, ready to send Grantham Gingerbread l around the world. Its origins began with a chat over the phone in August 2011, when Alastair asked me to see him at his office. There we sketched out a rudimentary idea for the front panel after which I set to work producing a half-sized mock up. This gave us a basis to work on, so a full-sized visual was made. This is when ideas really began to spark, and soon we had a wish list of things that we wanted the packaging to have and a good idea of how individual we wanted the whole thing to be. Some of these concepts proved...

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Grantham Gingerbread in Japan

 Japanese Television recently visit Grantham to see the home of Grantham Gingerbread. In a special trip to the kitchens of Panini, Grantham where Grantham Gingerbread is currently made, Alastair Hawken explained to the Japanese programme what it is that makes the biscuit so special.

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