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Mother's Day

At last the signs that we’re heading into spring are showing, with the sight of daffodils and lambs gambolling in the fields. This must also mean that Mother’s Day is almost upon us! 

The 31 March is the opportunity to show our mums our appreciation of all they do by helping them to put their feet up and treating them with a special gift.  

It’s possible that your mum has given up chocolate for Lent, so it’s wise to think what alternative sweet treats would put a smile on her face. 

Gingerbread dates back much earlier than the introduction of modern Mother’s Day (in 1908), all the way to the 15th century, with the debut of gingerbread men at the court of Elizabeth 1 of England. The Queen had these made as amusing presents, designed to resemble the guests she was gifting them to! 

William Shakespeare himself wrote, around the same time, “An I had but one penny in the world, thou should’st have it to buy gingerbread”. 

As gingerbread was the gift of choice of arguably our most famous female monarch and a favourite of our most well-known writer, it is clearly the perfect gift for our precious mums! 

Handcrafted to our unique recipe, perfected over time and containing only the finest ingredients, Hawkens Gingerbread is indulgent and truly satisfying.  

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