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Ideas for Fathers Day 2019!

We know that picking up a gift for dad can be very difficult, especially on Father's Day. So, we’ve compiled a list of ideas that can help you decide what to get your Dad on his special day!  

  • Sports days - Does Dad love sports? Why not get him a ticket to his favourite sporting event! Have a day out with dad and take in the sites of the sporting world! 
  • Adventure days out - Is Dad an adventurer at heart? There is loads of adventure days out across the UK, giving you quality time with dad to experience the great outdoors. 
  • Chocolate – Who doesn’t love chocolate? Dad does. Go and get dad his favourite chocolate to enjoy whilst on the sofa or on the go! Trust me, he'll love you for it.
  • TV shows - Is dad a couch potato? Why not get him his favourite box set? Let him get immersed in the world of television from the comfort of the sofa.
  • Beer – Dad loves his craft beers, why don’t get him a set of craft beers! So he can enjoy a range of tantalising flavours. 
  • Gift cards – Struggling to think of what he wants? Why not leave it up to him and get him a gift card, then you won't have to worry about getting him something he will only use once. 
  • A Book – Is your dad an eloquent linguist and loves to settle down by the fire and tuck into his favourite book? Why not explore the top 50 books to read in your life time, and generate some ideas.  
  • Socks – Always a great choice when all else fails! Everybody needs socks... even dad. 

We are going to throw a curve-ball in here, why not get your dad a lovely and unique set of Gingerbread Hawken's Bakers dozen selection box for Father's Day! This thoughtful gift for Father's Day contains 5 Original, 4 Chocolate Orange & 4 Italian Lemon Gingerbread Men. 

This tantalising range of flavours will keep your senses on their toes, and if dads feeling generous he can take them to work for his mates to enjoy.

What have people said?

One of our customers Susan Bolton, states that she “Bought some for Dad recovering in hospital and he really enjoyed them!”. Do you need any more convincing than that! 

You can find this amazing gingerbread box on our shop section in the website. Alternatively, you can click on the link below:

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