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Easter Gingerbread Bundle
Easter Gingerbread Bundle
Easter Gingerbread Bundle

Easter Gingerbread Bundle



Running through the Easter Holidays, get your hands on a Gingerbread bundle for the limited time available!

Including in your multipack:

Chocolate Orange Gingerbread

  • For your chocolate egg craving
  • A combination of warm gingerbread spice with crystalized orange peel
  • 2 chewy chocolate gingerbread men without worrying to crack open an egg
  • Rated as "Beyond Divine" by our Gingerbread Tribe members

Italian Lemon Gingerbread

  • A touch of zest that will become your favourite flavour
  • Each fragrant lemony bite will take you away to the fields of Italy
  • Make sure you stock up after trying as this flies off the shelves

 Original Recipe Gingerbread

  • Our most famous gingerbread spice blend, the classic among classics
  • Find out how you will be able to tell apart ordinary from THE gingerbread
  • You can top this off with a cuppa or as a stand out gift

Terms & Conditions

  • Purchase price includes 2nd class postage
  • All order received after 13/4/19 will be dispatched upon receipt 
  • The Gingerbread bakery cannot guarantee delivery by 22/4/19
  • The recipient of your purchase will be determined by you at the checkout under 'delivery' address

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